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  • [Request]-Plugin

    Is there a plugin that construct2 communicate via serial port like com 1, com2 etc.. to pilot an external device..like a microcontroller?? or via usb to serial for webnodekit...(desktop)....

    Can you build it??Please .....I don't be able to do that...but i think will solve many problems to everybody...

    I need to pilot a cubloc 220 with construct2 as soon as possible...because i want to make a project of mine...

    I thank you in advance, i'm sorry if i have already make a post like this...but i need this plugin as i have already sad....as soon as possible....

    I thank you a lot in advance,

    Best regards,


  • This isn't something you can easily do with just a plugin.

    JavaScript can only do things in its own environment. There is a workaround using node.js: Link

    As there is no use for such a plugin in C2 in general, I doubt that you will find someone who will script a working plugin for you for easy use (but I can also be wrong, so good luck).

    Another way, that is maybe easier, is to develop your app as a google app following this instruction:


    Using the browser plugin, you can call javascript instructions directly in the event sheet... have not tested it (have absolutely no use for this), but I guess this could help you.

  • Dear Ubivis,

    i thank you so much,

    i saw your link....but for me it's very difficult to program with them .....i don't know where i can start.....

    If there some one can help me please let me know......best regards,


  • Just an update... I got an idea of a useful usage and started working on the plugin as a side project.

    As I can only work on my spare time, this may take a while until it is working fine (at least, the edittime.js is nearly completed, only functionality is missing)

    If someone else has more time and is quicker, please go ahead and do it. I have no clue how long it will take me, as other plugins I'm currently working on have a higher priority for me.

  • Thanks a lot again.... in any way...

    if someone can develop a serial plugin is welcome... Thank again,

    Best regards,


  • fasasoftware

    I'm making bluetooth plugin.

    and testing the plugin.

    have question: what's the easy and cheap bluetooth device to test (write, read, subscribe) ?

  • Great news!!!...but can you make also a simple serial support??? no bluetooth.... just simple serial??? i thank you a lot in anyway for the consideration.....thanks a lot..

    Happy summer!!!


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  • yes, the plugin i am making is bluetooth serial plugin

    and will be paid version. require not much money. don't be worry.

    advise me about testing device. (device for testing bluetooth serial)

  • Dear cranberrygame,

    when you are ready with your serial plug-in...please let me know...

    i thank you so much in advance...

    best regards,


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