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  • It's been months since html5 games have been allowed on newgrounds, and I would like to know if anyone is developing a plugin to use newgrounds's api in construct 2 games.

  • I'd pay if someone made that.

    EDIT: [quote:ru7vsmbh]The API Tools are a set of classes you can add into your game to track statistics, earn revenue and add features that integrate into the newgrounds community.

    With the API you can:

    Earn revenue no matter what site your project is hosted on.

    Track how many views your game has had across the entire web.

    Track how many users click links to your web sites from your game.

    Control what sites your game can be hosted on.

    Add score tables to add a sense of competition in your game.

    Add unlockable medals to add more replay value to your game.

    Enable your game to save data that can be shared with other users.

    The API is currently available for:

    Flash 8*

    Flash CS3 or better

    Flex Builder/FlashDevelop

    * Limited support for ActionScript 2.0

    From the Newgrounds API tools.

  • I heard that they were working on some HTML API. They've released a game testing it, so maybe they'll release it soon, and then maybe some skilled programmers will make a plugin for construct 2.

  • I'd be willing to bet that as soon as there's an HTML5 API, there'll be skilled programmers integrating it into C2. It's just such a no-brainer, and probably not that difficult for the right people.

  • Is there any new word on this? I've had a great experience publishing on NewGrounds and really want to add medals (and other API features) to future projects

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