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  • Hi,

    i am currently thinking about a way to share a games files in type of a .exe version to beta testers.

    Also i dont want them to share leak leech or whatever the game.

    It would be nice if there would be a plugin that allowes me to generate keys for the beta testers , or a Hardware ID protection so only the person wich has entered his ID into my database could start the game.

    If theres anything else please discuss.

  • It won't help until you have to set up server with php and MySQL database to allow beta testers to test game in browser or node-webkit

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  • well there are a couple of imperfect hacks that would help you. you can use the exe export option, but you could hardwire in an expiry date for the code... so basically check the local datetime and if later than a certain date, you exit the programme, or stall on some sort of flash screen. of course you can hack this my changing the date on your local computer... but that's probably too much hassle for most

    you can then combine this with an access code for your players. a fixed code is easiest and for a beta i'm not sure how much more you want. the game play could be captured by a screen capture, the code is probably inaccessible anyway once minified... easier to do from new than to hack.

    alternative you could do as above and build in an sql system, but I think you'd fine cross-domain issues that'd you'd need to resolve.

    the easiest would be just to build a proper web-app and use a standard login system solution. avoid this exe issue.

    again... what is your problem that you are trying to solve? if you're beta testers are not trustworthy... then don't give them something you are not happy for others to see. As several people have told me... ideas are cheap and easy to copy, the execution of your idea is difficult and hard to copy - even when you see it.

  • As mention a server with php and MySQL database and my preference wordpress and install the plugin easy digital downloads and grab a premium plugin from same site calledSoftware licensing. Read the docson using the api, and bobs your uncle, and if you don't know how to do the above, then no easy answer sorry.

    But easiest option is to not give them the cookie jar. Don't give them full version. Give them demo version to test. Say level 1, or 10min of game play.

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