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  • A lot of people have different ways of implementing how to climb ladders; Some of them work, some of them dont. So I was wondering if someone could make a behavior that would make it easier to climb ladders without having to pull their hair out, trying to do it through the event sheet.

  • That's veeeeeeeery basic, why would make a plugin about ladder behavior? it would waste of time, you should use conditions while the object is overlapping and do some actions that you won't allow to move left or right, use your own design.

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  • There is quite nice looking tutorial of adding ladders to game. I have not yet tested these instructions but they seem rational enough.

    See: Simple Ladder for Platformer Game

    Tutorials > Beginner > Theory > Simple Ladder for Platformer Game

    Since I can't post links, I don't.

    (Edit.. there's another tutorial too) I have not tested this one so I can't tell if it works or not.

    Tutorials > Intermediate > Tips-and-Tricks > A Simple Method for Climbing Ladders in Platformers

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