[Request] Inventory Box for adventure games

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  • Some inventory plugin for adventure games like the ones on Monkey Island and similar games.

    A plugin that creates a rectangle on the game layout and on you have some parameters like:

    Size of boxes, number of rows/columns and align left/center/right of the object in that box. All this parameter are "virtual", the rectangle box created is for a example a "tiled Background" with one box, so you resize to desired to fit with your game and fill the parameters to get all look correctly.

    Events to move through inventory like: "On click 'X image' -> Move Inventory 1 columns/row right". Or 1 down or whatever.

    So the object in the game have the "inventory behaviour" and when the object is clicked -> Add to inventory, and will be added to the first empty box or the same thing for drag&drop method.

    At the end is some plugin that do an inventory system easy to use without DDBB, jsons, xml or arrays in the user part. I search but all them has a lots of events or things that do all this too complicated :S . or maybe i not found the right one? What's the the easiest inventory systems for construct2? maybe i missed it.

  • Is there anything yet that could do this?

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  • This isn't a plugin matriax but it works!

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