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Wall Pin Board is a hyper causal game developed for fun and inspired by YouTube video whose link is given in description
  • I think the Facebook Plugin is great but it just needs a little more work. It's great to have the Publish wall post action but it lacks the ability to upload a photo. We all know FLAPPY BIRD. And here in the Philippines. Almost everyone I know posted a screenshot of their score at Facebook. So I think this gave the Flappy Bird more potential to spread to everyone. Please extend the capabilities of the Facebook plugin and expand to some other social networking capabilities like Twitter and Instagram. I think this would benefit every aspiring game maker. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  • I hope we can skip the Clay.io stuff.

  • I agree - one button to post a game-advertising screen shot is WAY better than just posting a bit of text or even asking the player if they wouldn't mind taking a screen shot, cropping it and then uploading it themselves....

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  • You have a save image option in C2 (Save to uri or something like that) and then you would just include that in your post...

  • sigh, yes indeed. Social Networking is a must have in today's world.

  • I think it will be awesome if the Facebook plugin got a complete upgrade, with almost every function possible.

  • Facebook recently released their api 2.0 interface. With it came a variety of changes and new challenges. For example I you want more than basic information permissions then you need to show facebook what you will be doing with those permissions and ask for approval. User dis will no longer be the users actual facebook id. In fact unless you have multiple apps under the same company , one user will have a different id for every app. The current plugin expires early next year when 2.0 becomes required.

    I mention this because I'm creating a plugin based off of the 2.0 api and I'm finding that some things will really need to be done via a server. This is because many features will require use of your app secret or an app token. Neither of which you would ever want to hardware into your javascript(construct).

    There are some cool features like you can create app specific groups and many other features. So if you want to group game users together(alliances.......) then facebook will handle it for you. Fun times

    If you get stumped feel free to message me. I might be able to point you in the right direction.

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