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  • Dragon bones now supports smooth binding and FFD!



    Officially making it on par in terms of features with spine2d - which is 300+$

    Dragon bones is free.

    Still no runtime available for construct2.

    Here are the currently available runtimes:


    it has a Java script runtime:


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  • Another one?

    It doesn't look trivial to wrap into C2.

  • blurymind

    Thanks for the info. I was looking at Spine a few weeks to get some basic animations completed but Dragonbones is perfect for my needs right now. Thanks

  • R0J0hound This one is the only completely free one! So for indie developers it is a better option than Spine2d or any of the other ones.

    It is better than spriter - since spriter wont have FFD/smooth deformation any time soon.

    it would however be of no use to construct2 until it gets a runtime to support the features.

    It's FFD / meshing features are more advanced than optpix spritestudio (the one I posted before) - but they are both fairly good.

  • Its been a long time since the last time i showed up in the forums. I found about Dragon Bones through this post. I'm a Spriter Pro owner, but after studying Dragon Bones and using a bit, i can say DragonBones is very superior. I'm already used with Spriter's workflow, it's the easiest of the market and I'm very eager to see Spriter 2, but DragonBones, for now, is the best way to go to animate in 2D.

    A plugin would be nice, but you can always export an image sequence and import into Contrutct.

  • Another advantage of dragonbones is that their runtime does not require you to purchase anybody's license or be tied to specific software.

    That means that potentially in the future other software would be able to create json animation data that is compatible with the dragonbones runtimes.

  • You guys are missing out <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    This beats the hell out of spriter and is free

  • Thanks for the info about this software. I've been waiting for a cheaper alternative to Spine and DragonBones does the job. The workflow is straight forward, the UI is minimalist and non-convoluted, and it's nearly unbelievable that it's free. We need to get this integrated into Construct soon.

  • well i care more about the features tbh. It is way ahead of the other available options on construct2.

    creature 2d runtime is very limited in terms of logic that you can setup with it. The author claims that this is due to construct2's limited sdk more than creature itself.

    spriter runtime cant have deformable mesh sprites. No FFD or meshes. 2 has been in early alpha for over a year now.

    spine2d runtime requires you to spend 300$ if you want deformable sprites and be tied to it's runtime's license - not very indie friendly. Also the runtime to software compatibility will break with updates.

    Being open source and open standard is also a big feature that the other ones are missing in their strategies to lock the user to themselves via a license.

    But I guess it all depends on how the runtime is implemented in construct2. It might as well end up being non finished and with limitations when on construct2.

  • The limitation of the creature2d plugin has to do with the limits of what plugins can do in C2's editor. At runtime all the features could be used, although it takes someone interested enough to do it. Also webgl is needed for the deformations to display quickly.

    Anyway a plugin for this runtime would have the same limitations. I also stand by my original statement about the ease of making the plugin, since it's js runtime is abstracted in a complicated way that isn't directly usable like the creature2d one is.

  • I recently used this application to save out animation sequences of my sprites in my latest Android game "Fishing Line"


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