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  • A "Destroy behaviour" to set what things will make the sprite be destroyed.

    Yes/No properties


    /out_layout -> When is outside layout

    /down_layout -> When Y(Top) is greater than the Y game resolution

    /up_layout -> When Y(Bottom) is lower than the Y game resolution

    /hero_contact -> *When collides with hero

    /hero_overlap -> *When is overlaped by hero

    /animation_end -> When default animation ends (Explosions, particles..)

    /solid_collision -> When collide with a solid object

    /same_sprite -> When collides with another instance of the same object (Ex: 2 bullets)


    Setting the instance variable and value


    /"instance variable" is X

    Ex: life is 0 -> Destroy



    *On Start layout -> Set "Sprite" as Hero.DestroyBehaviour


    Maybe can't be done in the way i mentioned but i guess you get the point.

    Actually there is a behaviour called "destroy outside layout", the idea is made a more rich behaviour to set in what ways the sprite can be destroyed.

    Now i'm using events/families for do that, will be great a behaviour on you can set all this without any additional events/families or whatever, simply selection yes/no or setting what instances variables to compare.

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