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  • First of all - what is CoaTools:

    It is an addon for blender that allows you to create cutout animations in blender and export them as a JSON file that can be loaded in a game engine. Currently there is already a runtime for godot (another free open source engine).

    Advantages over Spriter and Spine2d and Creature2d:

    • it's PRO and it does NOT cost over 200$, it is completely FREE. No catch
    • You can use blender's powerful animation tools
    • It's open source! Both the addon and the application it is running under. This is the only open source solution out there atm. Dragon bones in comparison runs under adobe flash - so it's not really open source and available on all platforms. If you want a feature, if you know some python- you can add it! Or suggest it. In any case it is not going to be maintained by only one guy, not locked to any proprietary entity.

    Advantages over spriter:

    • It supports sprite deformation - uses blender's excellent tools to easily turn imported sprites into plane meshes and skin them!

    Advantages over Creature:

    • It runs under Linux. As a matter of fact this can be used under windows, linux,mac and any other platform that compiles blender3d.

    Download the addon (FREE) and a photoshop plugin (free):


    Download Blender (FREE):


    video demo:

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    thread at blenderartist:

    http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthr ... ol-Blender

    Can we please get a runtime to load the json animation files that it creates into c2?

    I think the free part is a huge advantage <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing">

    Not to mention that it is actually a pretty good tool with actual advantages over the competition, considering that it is a part of a much more powerful application!

    For developers:

    example files: https://github.com/ndee85/coa_tools/tre ... le%20Files

    https://github.com/ndee85/coa_tools/tre ... Files/stip

  • Hello, blurymind.

    Is this correct? I can not find "Plugins". And there are not godot2.1.

    ### Godot Importer:

    Notice, this importer will only run with current godot 2.1 dev builds.

    Create an /addons folder in your game projects folder and copy the coa_importer folder into that addons folder. Once the files are loaded go to Project Settings -> Plugins -> Cutout Animation Importer and activate the Plugin.

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  • Hello, burymind.

    Sorry, I asked Andreas about this problem in blenderartist.org. I found Godot 2.1.

    Please don't mind about this question.

  • Glam > please report this at the github tracker. Otherwise he wont fix it

  • i dont get it... how it works? spriter i think already has a free plugin ... similar to this or spine was it? is it like that? where you load xml file to create the animations?

    its not that is not cool it is ... but as spline and spriterpro they have no real usage on C2 ... since C2 already has its own animation sprite sequence... unless you want to over complicate your work ...

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