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  • Was wondering if any of you creating addons, might be able to make this.


    When loading an image from a source into a sprite the image get stuck in memory and when a new image is loaded for the sprite it doesn't replace the image already loaded until you restart you program. This means that if you need to load several different images into a sprite, you need to have empty frames added to it before hand, and make some very non dynamic workarounds that never really become any good. This problem, of course makes this whole process a memory sinkhole that are very poorly optimized. And since C2 already uses quite a lot of memory, spending extra for no reason would be nice to avoid.

    The reason I ask for it here, is that im unfortunately not able to do it my self and Scirra don't see this as being an issue, because they are more interested in download size from what I understand, so an fix for this is very unlikely. So hope someone here know if its even possible or can make something to solve it?

    Idea of how it could work

    I imagine it just being an action like this:

    But whatever way it could work would be fine.

    Hope someone is up for it, as it would be a great help to me and from reading the forums a lot of others as well I think.

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