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  • webkit audio

    Just a few lines of code. I had a look at the audio plugin code and I can see where it could fit in, but I'd need to learn my way around plugins so what would take an experienced plugin dev a few hours (if that), would probably take me a week or more ;p

    Would it be possible to integrate that? I can imagine new possibilities opening up if we had access to the frequency data. Games based on music.. mmmm

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  • We are not getting any real audio support until either Firefox stop being lazy and start using the webaudioAPI or until Scirra decide to create a more advanced audio object which is only supported by the Chrome based exporters.

    In my eyes C2 is still in beta because the audio support is so lacking and there's no way I can launch a game using C2 because of this. I mean I could launch a game but it would essentially be half the game it could be.

    Though I do understand the problems faced with supporting multiple browsers and I'm sure audio will be supported eventually. Even the game studio I work at during the day is scared sh*tless of HTML 5 audio, but we recently made the decision to focus on Chrome so things are moving smoother now.

  • Ah right. I did spot some posts mentioning audio issues with C2 but didn't pay too much attention as I was focussed on other stuff. Hope FF sort it but not too fussed as I use chrome for C2 testing anyway. If it's not Microsoft screwing web standards, there's always someone else..

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