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  • For all we know, this might be on Ashley's to-do list, but in any case...

    Basically, the idea behind this is having a platform behavior that incorporates various functions that are either common in platformers or useful to have. Though my main desire is to be able to create a platformer with physics similar to Sonic the Hedgehog (which I have tried and failed miserably multiple times), I want to be able to see the creation of a behavior that covers the needs of as many people trying to make platformers as possible. It's not a 'replacement' for the official platform behaviour, but just an option.

    So, with that in mind, potential feature list:

    Potential features are open to request, and I'd really like to be able to get someone on board to create something like this.

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  • Hmm..Wall Jumping / climbing / ledge grabbing are easy to implement with just events. "Realistic" platforming mechanics are just a matter of tweaking variables and setting more restrictions..variable jump-height is also easily implemented with events..

    It's not that I don't support the idea but Ashley says even the current platform behavior is getting very complicated and..eh. More features, more room for bugs.

    I've actually been thinking of suggesting a simpler platform behavior because it's less prone to bugs. Like right now the slope detection causes a few bugs elsewhere, so if we could just disable slopes entirely then they'll stop screwing up my game that doesn't even have slopes!

    So..hm. If this does happen then I suggest more modularity..

    -Set up collisions with events like the custom plaform object in MMF. This alone opens many doors, allowing any platform object to interact with exactly what you want at any time. Restricting it to solids & jump-thrus was a bad idea.

    -Enable/Disable features at will (slopes, rotation, etc.)

    -Enable/Disable acceleration/deceleration

    -Add "modifiers" to easily adjust properties when walking through slime, being in water, etc.

  • I personally think this behavior would have to be done from the ground-up anyway, so making things more modular in nature would help with bug-testing and the like.

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