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  • Hey all, I had a .capx in which I'd fiddled around with the turret behavior a bunch to give it, among other things, a limited gun arc and minimum range. Sadly it seems I've lost that file. But before I went and rewrote everything from scratch, I figured I'd search on the forums to see if someone's already made a custom behavior or example to incorporate these features. Now, maybe my search-fu is bad, so if there is indeed such a behavior please point me to it, but all I was able to find was Fimbul's beta turret behavior, which indeed includes such things.

    Unfortunately, this behavior appears to have been made before C2's own turret behavior was released, so currently it'll cause a conflict with the default turret behavior if you attempt to have both installed. In addition to that, it lacks the predictive aiming and collision cells features, and may not be optimized for larger projects according to the author.

    So in short... would anyone be willing to have a look at the behavior and update it to create a "Turret Plus" behavior which incorporates the limited gun arc and min range features into the default turret behavior, since a lot of the legwork appears to be done already? I feel like these things should've been included from the start but srsly. (Yes, I've sent Fimbul a PM, but he hasn't been around in months so I'm not very hopeful.)

    Anyway, thanks for any help!

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