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  • Rex - Thankyou for sharing your fuzzy logic plugin - I'll be sure to give it a try.

    I realise Fuzzy logic does not involve random function, but can still be used to model uncertainty. For example, suppose you had two bottles of liquid:

    • The liquid in Bottle A has a 90% chance of being drinkable. (probability)
    • The liquid in Bottle B has a 0.9 degree of membership of the set of drinkable liquids. (fuzzy)

    Which would you drink? :)

  • tanoshimi

    In case 1, it looks like there are 10 liquid bottles. 9 bottles are drinkable, 1 is not drinkable (poison). Now pick a random one. There are two possible results -- live (1 degree drinkable) or dead (0 degree drinkable).

    In case 2, it looks like to mix 9 drinkable + 1 poison bottles, then dredge up 1 bottle. (0.9 degree drinkable)

    These two bottles are not the same.

    • case1 : 1 or 0 degree drinkable
    • case2 : 0.9 degree drinkable
  • tanoshimi

    BTW, thanks for this example. It might be confuse about fuzzy is "probability" (roll a dice)

  • What an amazing thread full of goodies!

    Question: Do plug-ins slow things down much? What's their impact like.

  • Hello, Im developing an enhanced platform behavior with some of the wanted features.

    This is the thread:

    Platform +

  • I'm upgrading my all plugins to support save/load system recently. It needs 2 or 3 months.

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  • I had updated most of my plugins to support official save/load feature. It's time to update TMXImporter plugin.

  • It's time to update TMXImporter plugin.

    finally <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • it is possible to make a plugin who can open a graphical file "fla" inside a construct 2 app??

  • Thanks for sharing the information

  • Hey! I am just waiting on one of your plugins as it ill increase the experience for the player of my game. Can't wait until you have finished it. Will be a great addition to my game.


  • Are there anyone developing behavior/effect that let the background scroll seamlessy as a kind of wrap around effect. It is good for many kinds of games. Easiest to do would to be up/down or left/right but any direction would be nice too.

    Actually the Kaleidoscope effect (by Gamewarp Studios, found here at forum) is demonstrating it to some degree but distorted in kaleidoscope pattern.

    If you could change direction of the scrolling ingame it would be perfect.

    I am not talking about normal scrolling where you scroll until the edge of background, but rather continuous seamless scrolling.

    I hope you understand what I mean. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this post.

  • maybe a plugin who can read/open and show a *.doc file format inside C2 can be usefull for every one.

    it is possible to develop a plugin like that for C2?

  • an "export independent" ad network plugin for Google Interactive Media Ads, Mopub or some other good ad network would really be nice! At the moment there is only the official Admob plugin for phonegap (android/ios) and cocoon with Mopub integration (same, only ios/android) and one could use normal banner ads in an iframe but there is no solution for video or fullscreen ads for webapps (FirefoxOS, Chrome...), desktop or normal html5 hosted on a website.

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