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  • Hi there

    I've started to work in a plugin that let's you throw dices in a very visual way. It need plenty of work still and I don't have much time to develop it but I think it can be usefull for tabletop and rpg games.

    It uses three.js but I've adaptat the code so it can minified without any problem and it suppors devices with webgl and without.

    Right know you can choose how mine dice do you throw, the color of the numbers and the color of the dice.

    Any comments or suggestions about features it should support would we welcome.

    You can check how it looks with webgl here:


  • Very promising.

  • Looks great! Can we download the script to try it?

    If you want to sell exclusive rights to it, my client is offering $1,500.00 USD.

  • Hi there. Let me work a bit more on it. I would love to add more features like dice size, the possibility to add textures to the dice instead of numbers and check that everything works.

    About selling it I have not decided anything... I was thinking in releasing it for free and accept may be donations. After all I want to use it also in my project so... exclusivity......

    I'm a big fan of Rex work and he releases everything for free

  • I was thinking in releasing it for free and accept may be donations.

    This is REALLY awesome! I will give you a 5% cut of whatever I make with it.

  • I've improved a bit the demo so you can play with some of the parameters. I'll keep improving things.

    I know you can only change the colors the first time. But working on it still.

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  • Is this still alive?

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