[plugin] Steam+leaderboard +experimental lobby [WIP]

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  • Hi,

    List of current features is available on store -> Demo Link

    Plugin V1.0.1 is available on store for basic and normal edition

    [Linux 32b] [FIX] game isn't closed at launch on laptop with ATI Radeon série/ Intel HD serie


  • is there any demo for posting or setting the game data and achievements to steam with your paid plugins?

  • totoyan

    I'm working on a tuto/guide. A demo could be annoying because achievement and leaderboard may vary from one person to another.

    I think it's better to show you how set up on your own Steamworks and project the plugin features

  • A new version for NW12[Win] should be released for those who want add the plugin to their old project (as soon as the store page for basic version will be fixed)

    For those who want to release their game in a "low violence" depot on steam, a new update will be released with a condition to check if the game is installed with low violence option

  • list of features added on threads (because it's too long for plugin description on store and FAQ)

  • Hi,

    Version for C2 r216 + NW12 is live

    A new update is available: disable plugin on preview to avoid "missing file" error , now you are able to launch your game on preview to check minor change not related to steam API (Basic nw12 v1.0.1 / nw14 v1.0.2) (full nw12 v1.0.1 / nw14 v1.0.3(available when C2 team approves it)


  • Fantastic work as always!

  • Thanks Anonnymitet but MadSpy do all works ^^

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  • Awesome! Gonna buy this soon!

  • Hi,

    A new version for NW0.13.2 support was submitted today - Should be available tomorrow

  • the version with NW13 support is available on store (download)

  • Additional note: the version NW13.2-v1.0.0 works also with nw0.13.0-beta3 ( digitalsoapbox )

  • Just bought the plugin. It works great, absolutely amazing work.

    However, a small question. Is it possible to play a sound and show a picture when an archivement is unlocked?

    i tried, but it seems it activates every time i change a layout. Is it possible to make it "trigger once" only?

    Anyways, awesome job with the plugin! love it already!

  • Can you show me your event for the achievement in PM? I can help you to use it in a good way

    Edit: and thank you for your kind words

  • MadSpy

    Thanks for the help, i've sent you an PM

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