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  • Notification

    Support :

    - Chrome 32+


    - Firefox 22+


    - nw 0.11+


    It may work in earlier versions. I've tried supporting the older API's, although I haven't had a chance to test.

    Feel free to test others yourself and post the results.

    Here's the spec or a demo if anyone's interested.


    Happy Holidays Scirra.

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  • Thanks

  • Oh. I was pretty sad there wasn't something like this the other day- and then ... here it is. I'll have to try this out in a little. =] Thx.

  • Hey Noncentz705 - great plugin, im using it for the tutorial notifications in Cosmochoria and it really makes it look nice! Was curious - is it possible to modify the plugin to also allow the use of in-game sprites or even reference the "Files" that are uploaded to a project to avoid having to connect to the web to DL the image? Im worried about someone not having Net access when they play, then the notification wouldnt get a cool image which helps a lot in getting the point across.

    THanks again! Youre in the credits because of this haha.

  • I've updated the example, you could use the imageURL expression from the canvas plugin or reference project assets directly for use as icons.

    I'd suggest using images of 128x128 in dimension to accommodate for larger notifications. (i.e nwjs - win 8/8.1).

    To enable notifications on that platform, you may have noticed a shortcut to nw is added to the start menu ('projectName.lnk'); If the project name is empty it'll be called node-webkit.lnk ...

    To remove it, right click the tile, open file location and delete the lnk file.

    On older windows platforms, a system tray notification is displayed instead.

    In this case notifications aren't displayed concurrently and the newest takes priority.

    For "Firefox OS <1.1 you'll want to use an externally hosted version"... of the icon.

    "[T]he notification is displayed immediately with the icon missing" until it's loaded.

    Thanks for the mention in the credits, it's optional but appreciated none the less.

    Hope this helps.

  • i tested it on chrome desktop , and other browser ( Baidu spark ) , it work and on android it worked on mozilla but not on chrome or chrome beta , i really loved the plugin , i need it badly for my mobile application , and i will build using Crosswalk , is it no going to work , because crosswalk is built on chromium project ?

  • Maybe this helps, it's a list of compatible browsers: http://caniuse.com/#feat=notifications

    Support for other browsers/devices is just a matter of time.

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