[PLUGIN] New Creature 2D Animation Plugin is out

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  • Hello all,

    A newly updated Creature 2D Animation Tool plugin for Construct 2 is out

    To learn about the Creature Animation Tool:


    The features include:

    • Animation switching
    • Smooth Animation Transitioning/Blending between source and target clips
    • Skin/Item Swapping
    • High quality Mesh + Skin Bone Deformations ( Creature is a 100% 2D Mesh Based Animation Tool )
    • Anchor Points for characters
    • High performance Point Caching playback
    • Controls for Animation Speed, Looping etc.

    ... and more.

    Please grab the latest Construct 2 plugin from:


    I welcome feedback from the community, feel free to email me from the website or reply to the forum if you want.


  • Hi there! And thank you for the plugin i'm looking for a solution like that for a future game down the line Are you planning on updating this for Construct 3?

  • Hello,

    Yes I am interested in Construct 3 support. However, in general rendering meshes in Construct has been rather non-standard. It will be ideal if Construct could provide actual mesh rendering support so that a preview can be effectively displayed in the editor as well. As of right now, it is difficult so support Construct fully because of its current renderer limitations. If anybody can assist me and pushing this issue forwards that will be great.


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  • Maybe Ashley can give a statement here?

  • Basically, the Construct API requirements to allow the Creature plugin to be usable by Construct users are:

    • Ability to render a triangulated mesh ( Points, Indices, UVs ) efficiently. Creature excels at high resolution meshes so rendering meshes as degenerate quads is not ideal. Performance is key.
    • Ability to access the character asset data ( JSON or binary ) in editor and render its rest pose in the editor session.

    Both of those features I do not know how to implement right now in the current Construct SDK/API. Perhaps I am missing something here but some assistance/guidance on what can be done will be fully appreciated.

    Btw, in Creature you can now take a 3D mesh, convert it into a 2D animated character and light it in realtime 3D:


    There are a ton of super exciting features planned moving into 2018, the goal as you probably already know is to make Creature the most advanced 2D animation tool out there. Most Creature users love it for the ability to easily author complex animated movement: cloth fluttering in the wind, flesh/muscle effects, automated self-walking and more. It will be fantastic if I could bring all this power of the tool onto Construct, just like how it is already available in other game engines ( UE4, Unity, PhaserJS, PixiJS, Godot etc. )


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