[plugin] In-line comments in C2's event sheets

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  • Hi there. I am (trying to, at least) working on a plugin which allows the developer to enter their comments directly into the conditions & action bars.

    Now, I know that C2 has a commenting system already, so why would I (try to) do this? Well, while the comment system is quite useful, it only allows comment ABOVE a block, not wedged within it, like in non-visual code.

    This is pretty much just a plugin that does nothing, tbh. You can enter any data type into this block, and it will just be ignored when exported. I don't even know JS; I just renamed & removed a bunch of stuff from the templates.

    So far, it's not working. But hey, progress!

    Link right here: https://github.com/JDebstup/inline-comments-for-c2

    Ignore the commits from 2016 - I was being an idiot & added the repo from someone else when setting up.

    Now, if anyone wants to contribute to this thing, be my guest! If you got it working, you are more than welcome to post it to the plugins page! (I have a to-do list in the ReadMe for the important stuffs, if anyone's interested.)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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