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  • Dear community,

    I'm interested in creating a plugin for the Creature 2d animation software. Without promoting their product (too much) it has some excellent features that would make it an excellent addition to anyone's dev tool-set. In some respects it's arguably more advanced than Spriter and Spine.... My problem is that I have no idea where to start (!) and my understanding of javascript is rather minimal. Kestrel Moon have created a WebGL/javascript runtime on Github, and they are content for us to port it to run with c2 (and they will help where they can).

    So... are any of you plugin creating gurus interested, willing and able to help with facilitating the creation of such a plugin, or is this too much of an ask: a mammoth task of gargantuan proportions and I should just move along...?

    Thanks in advance...

  • Its seems a good software for animation. Too bad the free version is useless since you can not export the animation.

  • JPatchZ, I agree. It's light years ahead of Spriter, which seems to have stagnated, and it has better features than Spine. It doubt there's enough interest here to create a plugin, unfortunately...

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  • I would definitely be interested in this plugin

  • The creature 2d animation seems unpolished yet. I don't know if I'm right, but I got the impression it's newly developed, thats why they are so needy of monetary payback. Hopefully it will get more attention and sale in near future, and then the developers offer a not so limited free version with exportation feature like C2 and Spriter.

    Would you share a gif or a video of some of your creations? I got really puzzled about this tool, and I'm curious about its capabilities.

  • JPatchZ - I haven't bought Creature yet - that will only happen if I can find a way of integrating it into c2 (or I move to Unity). The example videos that are available show it to be incredibly powerful - far more so than Spriter is at present. There are over a dozen different types of bone motors - so you can create really eye-pleasing effects with minimal effort. Effectively doing similar things in Spriter is almost impossible and very time-consuming.

    Creature already has a bunch of open-source javascript runtimes... If only....

  • Just watch the video here: video on youtube. The inertia and kinematic effects are created automatically by the bone motors - something like this would be impossible in some other softwares I could mention.

  • The motor feature is genious! The dragon's moviment seems really believeble and a sort of easy to do. The game conception I have occurs in a medievl rpg-like world fully of creatures that would make a good use of this tool. I hope this software gets a C integration soon.

  • Colludium

    Got a plugin for this working. The renderer seemed to be a good challenge.

    It's webgl only and only plays the default Creature animation. Actions/expressions to change the animation, start, stop, animation speed, query bone locations etc could be done later, and actually should be rather easy to add if anyone wants to have a go at it. I guess the next step is to find more exported stuff to test, I could only find one.

  • R0J0hound, I am very impressed and hugely grateful! I will do some digging and see if I can generate some more stuff to help further development. Thank you again for this - I am forever in your debt!


  • Colludium

    I wonder if you use this program and how does the plugin feel? If you use - have any complications, bags, etc.?

    I correctly understand that R0J0hound used some kind of trick to display mesh bends?

  • repkino

    Hi - I think the plugin is awesome (although I haven't bought Creature2d). You can see for yourself how good it is - check out the demo capx along with the plugin here on github.

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