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  • Fade in not working since I updated latest NW.JS.

  • shinichild

    Tested by the latest nwjs (r0.17) ( sample capx ) , it worked.

  • I had a similar bug recently after updating to Construct r233.

    The fade in/out didn't work and caused the others actions below it to crash. I reverted to r227 and it works fine. If I remember correctly, the editor opened a popup talking about a Javascript error.

    I'll try to check it out if I have time to come up with the precise error log.

  • shinichild

    Tested by the latest nwjs (r0.17) ( sample capx ) , it worked.

    Hi rexrainbow, please can you check this:

    seems to be a bug...

    if you change the fade-in time value from 1 to 0 (basically no fade)


    a popup opens with this javascript error




    A value of 0.1 or 0.01 can avoid the error... but what if i want completely no fade (0)?

    (time ago was possible to put 0 value)

    Can this error be fixed?

    Thanks in advance

  • Aelfraed

    Fixed, thanks for this reporting. Please download this plugin again,

  • Aelfraed

    Fixed, thanks for this reporting. Please download this plugin again,

    Perfect, it works like a charm! Thanks a lot for this fix!

  • I'm having trouble with the "stop" event.

    I use it to try to stop the sound using the track's tag. However it doesn't actually stop it just goes quiet. Is this meant to happen? And can I stop the track another way?

    Another question I have is- if sound "forest" is stopping, and the game plays sound under tag "forest", does the new sound get caught in the fade out too?

    I'm working on blending tiles together so they dont apprubtly change including the same audio file restarts.


  • Kenthria

    I did not have that issue. You might check "Current playing" field in official audio object, in debug panel. It was "0 playing" after "stop with fade-out".

    Could you please provide a very simple capx to reproduce that issue?

    This fade-in/fade-out audio plugin will invoke actions of official audio object. Therefore user could fade-in/fade-out in events, too.

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  • Hi rexrainbow ! I love this plugin, thanks for making it!

    However I had to stop using it because I have huge problems with tracks with a specific tag not playing anymore (at all) after being stopped with a fade out.

    I'm probably doing something wrong here, so I made a small capx to show you the problems I have. You may have a simple solution to avoid that.

    Here is an image of the capx's code. Event sheet 2 is the same with swapping music 1 for music 2 and vice-versa, and Layout 2 for Layout 1.

    I had the problem on both a version of the plugin I downloaded 1 year ago, and the latest version I downloaded today.

    Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.

  • Update

    1. Set initial value of property "Audio effect" to "No".

    2. Remove audio effect when play sound


    It might have 3 possible solutions.

    1. set property "Audio effect" to "No" to fade out sound by setting volume every tick without using audio effect.

    or 2. add action: remove all audio effect (official audio object) before playing audio by official audio object if "Audio effect" is set to "Yes".

    or 3. uses action play of audio helper object to play sound, it will remove audio effect in that action, in the latest version.

  • Thanks a lot, rexrainbow !!

    I set the Audio effect property to "No" and it perfectly solves the problem in the previously attached .capx!

    Looking forward to use your plugin to its full potential!

  • FYI I still had a problem even with "Audio Effects" property set to "OFF" in the following sequence:

    On layout 1 play a music with the basic Audio plugin

    On layout 2 stop the music with basic Audio plugin

    On layout 3 stop the music with AudioHelper plugin, with 1 second fade-out (even though the music has already been stopped in layout 2)

    Go back to layout 1 before the end of the fade-out, the music has a problem similar to the one experienced in the capx I posted in my previous comment. This happens with the very last (updated today) version of the plug-in.

    I fixed it very easily be deleting the audiohelper action on layout 3 (it was useless anyway), but wanted to warn you that such error in the events could cause audio problems.


    I made a capx to show you the problem.


    In the capx above, going from layout1 directly to layout3 also creates the problem. Furthermore, adding "remove all effects" from tag "music1" at the start of layout1 does not help.

    In other words, if tag "music1" is currently being faded out with audio helper, and you change layout before the end of the fade out, and the new layout wants to immediately play the tag "music1", then the tag "music1" will not play anymore.

  • Update

    Now audio helper won't fade out when tag has already stopped.


    Thanks for this bug reporting. Now it might fix.

  • Amazing! Thanks a lot rexrainbow , I haven't been able to reproduce the bug since the new update.

  • Aww it doesnt have 'play at object', darn it! ^_^

    Oh well, was fun trying this atleast. Just not quite usable ^_^

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