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  • Hey, Rex I can't get the "set volume" action to work. Here are some images, let me know if you need me to reproduce the error in a .capx

    I did this:

    And this happens when I run the game and then trigger the event:

    Any chance of a fix?

    I need the player to be able to change the volume in the game settings. Thanks!

  • Update

    Fix bug in action: set volume

    Thanks for notification. Download this plugin and try again.

  • Hey rexrainbow,

    I'm using the audiohelper plugin. It's fantastic. I have one minor problem though. When I hit the A button it plays a sound, and when you release the button I have it fading out with the audio helper and that works great. But sometimes I need to hit the A button twice or three times in a row quickly. When I do that the audio gets caught up and only plays a very tiny portion of what it should.

    Is there a work around for this? Maybe a way to cancel the fade if the same button is pressed again? Any info would help, thanks

  • Update

    • Restart fading for any new action.Now the volume might be more smoothly.
    • Add condition: Is fading to see the changing of volume during fading. See the previous sample capx.


    You might try this new one.

  • Really useful for dynamically fading audio in and out between layouts; no more having to rebake fades!

    Always wondered why such a basic effect was never included in the Audio object.

    Thanks rex!

  • TiAm

    Lucky we could have it in 3rd part plugins.

  • Thanks for this !

    I wonder how we have to do usually, your plugin make it very easy !

    I already used it in my first game

  • Is there a way to smoothly crossfade two pieces of music? That is, to fade out one track, while simultaneously fading in another?

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about (sorry about the guy talking over it): https://youtu.be/50QEapyTPD4

    As the player goes to higher and higher rooms, the audio transitions seamlessly into the next audio file, which is the musical score but with more instruments. The rhythm is kept intact throughout, but the crossfading allows the musical dynamics to vary depending on how far the player has progressed.

  • Evdog

    It does not support crossfade ( fade-out + fade-in ) in an action in current plugin, user might try use two actions separated, one for fade out, the other for fade-in.

  • Okay cool. Got that working

    The dB tags seem a bit finnicky, though. I opened your sample .capx and switched

      "Play Fate not looping (tag "") with fade-in volume from "-60dB" to 1 in 1 second"


      "Play Fate not looping (tag "") with fade-in volume from "-60dB" to "-10dB" in 1 second"

    and everything was silent. Switched it to

      "Play Fate not looping (tag "") with fade-in volume from "-60dB" to "0dB" in 1 second"

    and it was still silent. Changed it back to linear numbers

      "Play Fate not looping (tag "") with fade-in volume from "-60dB" to 0.8 in 1 second"

    and it was working fine.

  • Update

    Fix bug of end volume in "action:Play", to support db assign in string.


    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

  • Update

    Uses audio effect

    Set property "Audio effect" to "Yes" to fade in or fade out sound by audio effect, if web audio is supported. Otherwise, it will fade by setting volume every tick.

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  • Hi Rex, love your work! Always very useful. I was just wondering if it's possible to get a seek function in this plugin? I'm using the equivalent of audio 'tilesets'. Can't stop the bass channel from popping when it crossfades channels without your plugin, but I can't actually use your plugin in this project without a seek function. Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

  • bug

    Fading action of this plugin only calls the action in official audio plugin, so it is possible to fading audio only use official plugin.

    Seeking is another problem, why it needs to add into this fading plugin?

  • Oh sorry, I tried to attach the fade to a tag played with the official audio plugin earlier and it didn't work, so I figured it needed to be played from the helper. But I just tested it then and realized I must have made a mistake. Sorry it's been a very long frustrating day and I'm slowly going crazy. Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for making all of these awesome plugins!

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