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  • Hi everybody there is one of my recently created or modifed plugins, its a wrap of vanilla dicitonary , i added some functionality which i ever liked to have in it, so recently i was encouraged to make plugins by my self, so this is the very first one.

    The new features.

    • Now we can make operations to keys against another key, this save a lot of actions,
    • Before operating or after creating or setting we can make a data type conversion this is useful because again save actions to convert data type saved into the key, mostly when we are not sure about it data type.
    • Added a section to work with string lists, those we used to create and manage with tokenat system function, now we can manage them using keys directly. We can retrieve an item from the string list and automatically convert to an appropiate data type (integer, float, string). Delete items or change their values.

    This a beta version still so i hope this could help someone and if you find any bug or have any comments please let me know.

    the plugin:

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

    PD: sorry my bad english not my native language.

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  • I'm surprised that nobody replied yet.

    I find this plugin useful. It may not be a huge change, but it helps, especially the string lists.

    Thanks for your effort!

  • I second that, they are great additions.

  • Thanks guys, remember let me know if you find something wrong or a bug...

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