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  • Hello.

    I have made dialogue system plugin and GUI tool for it, will release it soon.

    At this moment you can view demo. Waiting feedback!

    Click here to see demo

  • i cant seem to get the dialogs to come up... interested to see this.

  • neat! I don't read that language, but I got the gist of it. Looks like it could be quite useful.

    you have to click on them.

  • DatapawWolf, thank you. i will upload new example, possibly, tomorrow, and more information about plugin.

  • Sounds great! Perhaps you could add some small buttons that change the language? If you can, of course. : ) An example of multi-lingual capabilities would be great!

  • In my opinion a good and easy to use dialogue system will help C2 to spread around p&c adventure and rpg game designers. C2 may not be the first choice when you think about adventure games perhaps but capabilities of creating puzzles for the game can easily boost the attention of developers at once if we have nice dialogue (and inventory perhaps) management.

    Of course someone can say "C2 is not specific for story based games which include many dialogues, so it's not a priority" but i believe having this will help people to realize 'other' genres than platformers (like outsiders common opinion) are ALSO easy to create and modify with Construct 2/3.

    Besides Adventure games have slower gameplay experience and do not require high performance from devices like let's say a racing game. So getting 60fps is much more easier on P&C Adventures.

  • Hi guys, this is really a good plugin~ Thanks for 's great idea.

    Besides do it in plugin way, I've made a Dialog Module which utilizes some of rexrainbow 's plugin. And that is my 1st product in Scirra store. I'm using this module to make my AVG template. Please give me your brilliant advices if you have time.

    AVG template demo:


    Dialog module demo:


    Scirra store product page:

    https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-fr ... module-776

  • Отличный плагин!

  • ???????? ??????!

    xoros are you from Russia? pm me if you are from Russia.

  • jomo, The demos look great...I am planning to buy this and had few questions...

    1. Wanted to know if this will work on iOS platforms as well and there will not be any issues while exporting and packaging with Cordova iOS platform?

    2. Can I have buttons, multiple texts / text fonts , multiple images etc., inside this dialogue box? Do I need to create such sprites and buttons, text etc., on top of the dialogue layer?

    3. Can I replace the text on ok and cancel buttons to something that I want? And place them wherever I want?

    4. Can I add more buttons?

    Please let me know.

  • jomo, The demos look great...I am planning to buy this and had few questions...


    Hi kmsravindra, your questions are really important so I spent some time answering them. Please find my replies in below link.

  • , your plugin looks very promising! Any news about it's development? I hope you're still planing for a release

  • kmsravindra, i don`t know how it will be working on iOs, but it have to work. Tested on android (even with minifying script) and it working. About other questions i will answer later (i`m on job now).

    eli0s, i`m planning for release it.also, it eas tested on local community - it works, even on android! i have some troubles with release on english community. but if you want that release will be earlier that i`m planning - you can prepurchase this plugin. pm me if you want for additional information.

  • , thank you for your answer, I will pm you.

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  • Definitely interested in this too

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