[Plugin] C2Hue - Control Philips Hue Lights With Construct 2

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  • Hello lovely humans!

    I needed a plugin that would allow me to control my Philips Hue lights directly from Construct 2. So I made it. And now I'm sharing it with you.

    I guess it's one of those super niche plugins but I hope someone will make a good use of it.

    Download current version (2015-05-27)

    Example project

    Project on github

    Current set of features

    • Authenticate with the Hue bridge.
    • Set and get hue, saturation, brightness.
    • Turn and switch lights on/off.
    • Get current on/off state of the light.

    Features planned for future releases

    • Conditions based on the current state of the light.
    • Better handling of authentication.
    • Better reporting on turned off and unavailable lights.

    Requests and things that would be nice to have at some point

    • Transition time.
    • Automatic bridge discovery.

    Let me know if you actually have a chance to use it!

  • I think this is the first plug for the internet of things.

    Although I do remember someone wanting to do something with arduino.


  • Nice job, and great to see construct getting interaction with such things. I wish someone could come up with LIFX plugin.

  • Hey, example is not working for me. c206

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  • Hey, example is not working for me. c206

    Are you completely sure you properly set your bridge IP and that you have light 1 currently connected to the bridge?

  • hey, it works great

    a request, is it possible to add the transition time?


  • a request, is it possible to add the transition time?

    So priority for me right now is to rewrite the js library I'm using because I think it may be currently causing performance issues in some cases. After that I'll start adding more features.

    The transition time may be more complex to solve than it appears on the surface but I can definitely see how it may be really useful so it lands on my "possibly to-do" list. I can't promise when or if it'll land in the plugin but I'll try.

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