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  • Ambient light, probably, good for the view inside the cube?

  • repkino

    Sure, let's test time for C2 users ...

    • Copy 6xcube to c2 plugin drawer;
    • Open new project , insert 6xcube plugin
    • Insert some sprite on your project, sizes must Power of two ; like 2x2,4x4,8x8,16x16,32x32,64x64,128x128,256x256 etc
    • add for each face of cube your sprites with C2 event etc ...

    Good luck for testing

    download :


  • Gigatron, thank you so much!

    Now we need only imagination

  • So return to the first post when i said i used shadertoy to make 3 face cube cause shadertoy have only 4 channel texture...

    iChannel0- to iChannel3 ... after that i said is it possible to add 2 more channel for each face of cube iChannel0 to iChannel5 ?

    Yes it's possible now... included set face 1 to 6, here is the demo.. i will update the first plugin 3xcube .

    Now we have 6 face cube with Shadertoy and 6 face cube with Threejs.. (load external three.js file)

    Stay tuned ....



  • irina



    iw seen what matriax has done with it.... great job!

    I am interested to se if global prespactive can be tilted on Z axis?

    What exactly you want ? Please draw a cube like you want and then i will meditate on your request ..

  • irina

    What i did on the example is for each cube make a correct 3D perspective for topdown, also edited some stuff in the .fx code to avoid different size from bottom-Top of the cube to get a more "ortogonal view" and all perspective is based/look on the player sprite with 90º .

    If i understood well, maybe you want change the global perspective to do something like that?

    To change the global perspective to use this shader as a topdown game like my one or other perspective you will need to do lots of tests and play with the XYZ values focusing your player to get for a FPS, Starfox or similar stuff.

    Maybe you can be interested on this raycast engine:

    Or use Q3D based on Thre.js for real 3D or Babylon3D based on Babylon.js(This one now free after developer drop support) also for real 3D but well this options will need more 3D skills to setup all the world.

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  • matriax


    I was looking to something else.

    Your example had camera set at 90° to ground surface... straight topdown view and i was looking for more freedom in that angle

    this is your angle

    and I am looking for something like this:

  • I guess can be possible, but at that point maybe will be better do in 3D with one of that plugins i mentioned.

    To get the perfect perspective for topdown was lot of time, at least in my case because i'm 0 in math and 3D projection XD . Maybe Gigatron can help you better or add some parameters to make all this more easy.

  • Theres no need for full free camera. Just a bit diferent angle than 90

  • Hey Gigatron,

    I try to get the 6xCube to work, but no success :(

    What am I missing? See screenshot. Also tried different browsers, etc.

    Thanks for any hints!

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to work, you have to load the faces from sprites.

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