[Plug][Beh][WinApp] JLoc Location Plugin based on json

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  • I build it for my current Project, maybe someone else can use it.

    I build it to create a language file with a program and use it easily in construct.

    JLoc consists of 3 parts:

    Windows Application: To create language file. (.net 3.5 and C++ 2012 Redistributable needed)

    Plugin: Change language and get values from languages.

    Behavior: Can added to text, buttons to have a automaticly language change. (needs plugin)



    The Application:

    Here you can create your language file.

    You can create a new project.

    Save your project to a project file.

    Load your projects from project files.

    You can add languages, they stay in the top container.

    Uncheck languages has only effect to the view of the table, not for the project itself or export.

    You can add groups, they stay in left container.

    Check a group will load it to table.

    You can add diverse keys to each group, for each group seperately.

    Now you can add values(words/sentences) to the cells, sortet by key and language.


    If you write something in a cell, and then save or export to file, may be this last cell is not saved.

    To avoid this select a other cell before.

    You can export your project to a Javascript file:

    This file you need to put in the jloc plugin folder, it need to named "jloc.js".

    A emty file is currently in this folder.

    Tip: Use the hotkeys(F1-10), to work faster.

    The plugin:

    Not complex.

    Set language at start with location short for example: "de-DE"

    You can use the event On Language Changed.

    Now you can get values by group,key.

    You can get current language.

    There are some advanced outputs, but for this you need a plugin to handle with objects. (Plugin)

    You can get languages array.

    You can get groups array.

    You can get keys array of a group.

    The behavior: (needs active plugin object)

    You need to select the type, button or text, what it is on.

    You set the group and key in properties.

    Now if you set the language in plugin, it changes itself the value.

    This is good for Buttons where is everytime the same text on, but in other languages.

    If you add instances by code, you have a Action to set the group + key there.

    I think that's it for now.

    About feedback I would be very happy.

    03.06.2015-6:31 BugFix: Behavior not working correct if use SetProperty/ies

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