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  • I'd give a big <3 to whomever could make a pin condition that can be set on the behavior sidebar so it doesn't have to be initialized in the event sheet.


    ->attach pin2 to object

    ->press "select" object on the sidebar

    ->select object it's pinned to

    When layout starts, object is pinned as if there was condition "on object created, pin to new object".

    I think it could save a lot of time, I do a lot of pinning and find it really tedious to create events

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  • thats an awesome ideea actually, could work, as container objects do, just select the object as an option,.. so usefull though .. but i guess wold be harder a bit since will need to automatically create on start the pin to object event.

  • You can almost achieve this using families - have a look at this easy pin example capx. It won't satisfy every occasion, but it does allow you to enter the UID in the editor and the rest will be taken care of.

  • Yeah I ended up using something like that independently then came back and read this.

    It's definitely a good practical solution when pinning a ton of objects.

    Still maybe I can bug one of the people who code plugins .

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