[Payed request] detect BBox overlap.

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  • I'm in need of a behavior or plugin that works something like this.

    If any instances of the same object or within the same family are overlapping I want them to be picked.

    I'm already doing something similar with events but would like a behavior/plugin for it.

    I want the all overlapping objects to be picked so I can have a SOL of any overlapping objects. Plus if it could make use of render cells (like LOS) , but not necessary.

    Let me know if it's doable and send me a quote how much it would cost me for such a plugin/behavior. Preferably for both C2 and C3

    It's pretty simple code but I don't know how to make a plugin from it.

    var overlap = !(rect1.right < rect2.left || 
                    rect1.left > rect2.right || 
                    rect1.bottom < rect2.top || 
                    rect1.top > rect2.bottom)[/code:2kv9yu53]
    I use it as a secondary collision check in some cases when I don't want to use dummy sprites or touch colision polygon. So a very useful plugin for me.
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  • Bumping as I'm still in need of this. Name your price, I'd be happy to pay for this kind of plugin.

    1. It can be useful as an alternative collision check without using or altering existing collision polygons.

    2. It can be useful for picking intersecting BBoxes, and sorting Zorder.

    3. It can be very useful for triggering a lot of other actions based on BBox overlap.

    The reason I want this as a plugin/behaviour instead of doing it in events as I'm doing now, is mainly performance benefits.

    As a behaviour placed on a certain sprite it could automatically pick any other sprites with BBoxes intersecting the sprite with this behaviour.

    Maybe a modification to current LOS behaviour can be done to achieve this? Instead of using a radius, using sprites BBox?

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