[PAID REQUEST]Screen record plugin for iOS.

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  • Just as the title says, because I can't make my game work without this plugin. Here's my e-mail or just drop me a PM here, thanks.

  • hey , only chrome allow in browser recording , for the other browsers you can just take a screenshot . if you want i can create a screenshot plugin for you . let me know what you want

  • what I meant was a plugin to record iOS devices I can show you example if you want like this app here.

  • ondraayyy to this moment i think it's impossible to create an app with construct 2 that can record like that

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  • Hmm... There is another idea that I've been thinking about though, that is using the canvas snapshot and AJAX plugin to upload the snapshot of the canvas to my server, but the thing is, I'm not sure if AJAX plugin works with iOS, Android or windows phone devices. Does it??

  • AJAX works with every things :p :p , check this link http://quirksmode.org/m/table.html#t12

    and another question , the record will only work on your app ? cause after i saw the video , my answer was based on that you want to record the screen , even your app is down

  • It doesn't really matter that the record plugin would work or not if the app is running or down. But I guess it would be better if the video recording will work only when my app is running... The idea is..

    In the Main Menu there will be a "play" button

    So whenever the player clicks the play button, it takes the player to go to the game layout


    "On start of game Layout" > Start recording the screen (360p quality and lowest audio quality) so it doesn't take up space

    However when player decides to restart the game, which is... "On Restart Button tapped" > Stop recording screen, Restart layout

    Or... When the "player reaches the objective" > Stop recording screen, save the video to Camera Roll in 360p quality and lowest audio quality)

    I think it would be better if you take a look at my game so you would understand what I am trying to point out and why do I need this video plugin. If you think you can help me out with this, I'll send you a video file that I recorded for my game and I'll guide you through in that video

    I appreciate your time trying to help though. haha

  • ondraayyy , i started working on the plugin this is what i done until now , Try the Demo on Chrome , it won't work on firefox ,

    before i explain , i am doing this plugin for free no need to pay me , and it will be free for all other Construct 2 users that want to use it or edit it.

    1) Click on Start Recording

    2) Write in the TextBox , mouve mouse etc...

    3) Click on Stop Recording

    4) Click on play Last Recorded , a video will startup just above the button , showing you the record


    Plugin Beta-Test

    The only problem now is the Video Encodding , because until now , the encodding that i am using , work only on some platform , check this link :


  • wow, I really appreciate your effort man, can't describe how happy I am knowing someone would do this for me. I tested the plugin by attaching it to the event sheets of the game that I'm currently developing, on the iPhone and my PC and I can't tell you how happy I am with your kindness to help me out figuring this stuff out. Although I've got a few stuffs that I wanna point out about your plugin after I tested it on the PC using Chrome and on the iPhone 5 iOS8+ using preview over Wi-Fi....

    1) There is a huge FPS drop (PC and iPhone) when I test your plugin on the game that I'm currently developing.

    2) When the screen is recording on the iPhone using preview over Wi-Fi the entire iphone screen keeps flashing black.

    Really hope you can fix it...

  • ondraayyy , no problem , i do this , because i love codding

    So today i tried 2 other methodes for recording , but still , the one that i gave you is better , give me few days and i hope i can find a solution

  • I dropped you a PM btw with a link in it...

  • BUMP, anyone can help me out with this?

  • You can use QuickTime player to record iPhone/iPad screen, free and easy, no need jailbreak.

    1. Plug in iPhone/iPad to computer, launch QuickTime and select menu File->New Movie Recording.

    2. On the right of the red circle record button on the video preview screen is a reversed ^ icon. Click on it for a drop down menu allowing you to choose the iPhone/iPad as video source. That's all.

    To get better quality video like 4K or HD video, I'd recommend Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder. Also support stream video recording on iPhone/iPad.

  • Any progress/alternatives developed? Not particularly for IOS, but I would be very interested in one for Chromium (aka NWjs).

  • Apple updates iOS 11 new built-in feature to record the screen, Do not require any other third party app for screen recorder. How to use this feature visit this URL: howtoisolve.com/how-to-use-screen-recorder-ios-11/

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