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  • Hi all,

    I need a plugin to send my .json data to a SQL database. I am happy to pay for this plugin and then you can freely distribute this plugin to everyone else. Please note that the game I am creating, will only be exported on the web; HTML5. No mobile platforms, node.js or anything else. It is very important that it works with HTML5.

    Please PM or send an email to if you are interested or have any questions.



  • what kind of data do you want to post to SQL database?

    It already exists very easy php-scripts you can use to post and fetch data from SQL-database. (made for highscore, but you can of course send whatever strings)

    search in the tutorial section, you can easily adjust them to post whatever you want

  • Hi Fredriksthlm,

    Thanks for your advice, the problem is that I need A LOT of data to go into my database and my friend who is far better at IT than I and he told me when processing a lot of data is best to stay away from relying too much on PHP.

    Thanks though for your help,


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  • So your friend suggested you to send SQL to the database with JavaScript instead of PHP?

    PHP is a server side language, HTML5 JS is on client side. So if it was possible (but it's not) to send data to the database server directly with JS, then imagine how insecure would it be. You would have to log in to the database and what goes after, store credentials on client side.

    So in short words you must have a bridge (like PHP) in order to send data to the database from the browser.

  • rexrainbow has a few db plugs taffy, and a mondo offshoot.

    Failing that there's Firebase, and Parse, and....

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