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  • My major issue right now is that if im creating 20 or so objects on scene I can only pick them by UID. What I want is ability to set InstanceName. Then be able to pick object (or family object) by name. I need this field editable in inspector. Obviously it needs to be behaviour.

    Lets say Im using 20 different text fields that are of one instance. If I want to retrieve lets say text field that is responsible for displaying health i need to do something like pickByUID = 298 and if I want to pick mana field I need to do pickByUID= 322 it is plainly just wrong and annoying to me. It would be much easier to set in inspector Field_PlayerMana and Field_PlayerHealth for me as I do have quite good memory for those sort of things when they make sense.

    Im willing to pay for help on it. Let me know your hourly rate or how much you would charge for all of it. If this does work out I might want to outsource more plugins that could help me in my creations.

  • Can't you do it with instance variables?

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  • Can't you do it with instance variables?

    Of course I can.

    The thing is I want to do it faster and in more logical way for me. So instead of adding all objects to family I prefer to actually add behaviour. Instead of being bound to pick object in condition block I want to be able to pick it in action. Like instance plugin by rexrainbow and his grid plugin.

    Few seconds faster for me, and a lot cleaner/readable than:

    I want to have all of this in one block instead of 5 of them.

    And on top of that Im just having some extra money I can spend on this.

  • Have you checked out the Nickname Behavior?


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