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  • So it was suggested in this thread that I make a plugin to "translate" player entered text to give them an accent or make it sound like they are from a different ingame region. I can certainly bang out a couple of javascript functions with regular expressions in them and make them return modified strings, but I am interested in what this might look like in terms of Construct 2? What Actions, Expressions or Conditions would a Language Mangler plugin have?

    I'm also looking for ideas about what kind of filters I should include. I've already thought about looking for a few specific vowel/consonant patterns at the beginning of the word so I can substitute a few letters, rearrange the remaining letters, and bump the word so it appears later in the sentence. What other ideas should I implement? Rot13? specific word replacements? If there is enough interest, I will actually make something. I need the regex practice.

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  • This would be awesome!

    If it could have random specific languages (like randomized with a seed or something) that would be outstanding!

    I don't know if it would be possible with the seeded languages but if the words can be translated and translated back to English it would be perfect.

    Even if it was as simple as

    Language Seed and string to translate.

    Please make it!

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