Kestrel Moon Creature (animation software) runtime

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  • The developer of Creature animation software has expressed interest in creating a runtime for Construct2. However he might need help from the development community here and Scirra and Ashley . So here is a link to his forum: ... ?f=3&t=223

    He has a JS implementation that needs to be ported over to construct2.

    For those who dont know what Creature is, here is a link to it's website:

    It is very similar to Spriter, it however supports the ability to add procedural animation via motors.

  • It will be amazing to see all creature2D features running in construct 2

  • Search first.

  • you are still working on creature2D plugin?

  • I made it less than a month ago so it's still new. Since then I haven't touched it. I usually code in spurts instead of slow and steady.

    What is left to do with it is pretty simple. Just adding actions to change the animation, the speed, the position in the animation, and animation blending. It's just a matter of using the functions built in to the js library provided by Krestel Moon so it's not complicated, I just haven't done it. As far as rendering with webgl it's complete, but I probably won't get it working if webgl isn't available, and making it render in the editor is impossible.

    I can't run the software on my Vista machine (it needs 7+), and so far I've only found one export and that has only one animation in it. If I could get an export with two or more animations in it then I can get the animation blending working. Without that I can't test it, and coding blind is the best way for it not to work.

  • R0J0hound I'll see if I can talk to Jiayi Chong owner of Kestrel Moon Studios, I'll ask if he can give me some examples.

    obs: Try run the aplication on a virtual machine

  • Following this closely....

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  • Hello guys,

    This is the creator of the Creature Animation Tool. Thanks for making a Construct 2 runtime. I hear you might need a more complete exported sample, you can email me from the creature Contact link on the website . I have exported out the new elephant sample for you on dropbox and will send you the link.

    Let me know if you have any additional technical JS questions too.


  • R0J0hound please contact . He will help you with the implementation. Also he provided a test file you can use here:

    [quote:2bxpaydl]Postby chong » Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:46 pm

    Here is the elephant sample: ... rt.7z?dl=0

    It has the following animations:






    Let me know if you need more samples, I will be happy to export more for you guys.

    Also feel free to ask any technical questions regarding the JS portion of it too.


    Source: ... ?f=3&t=223

  • Hello R0J0hound,

    Let me know if you want to put your plugin on GitHub. I can always put a link to it from my Creature GitHub runtimes page or the webpage too.


  • Some particles and shaders

  • Wow awesome!!

  • kmoon11 The scene

  • That's very cool! You should try switching to other animations if you can There are different clips for the pheasants walking and doing stuff.

  • This offers some great design opportunities for c2. In my usual way - I am slightly excited .!!!

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