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  • Hi guys.

    Iam working on a Topdown shooter game template. That can help people make their own TDS game easier.


    Features: (till now)

    -- Art asset

    -- 14 guns support (Pistol, SMG, Assault rifle, Rocket seeker, Rocket launcher, Beam Rifl, flamethrower, chain lighting, plasma rifle, frost rifle, minigun......... and more...) Easy to customize and add new

    -- 2 AI enemy types

    -- Pick boost items (like Crimsonland game) (gain unique powers for a short time)

    -- HUD (display gun, name, sprite ammo) (easy to fit any screen size)

    The progress is now ~ 50% i will try to put it on late this month (Jan)

    Plan features:

    -- Full art asset

    -- 20-25 guns

    -- 3 AI enemy types and 1 boss

    -- Pick boost items

    -- Full HUD

    -- Support document

    I dont know if anyone like it or have any request please feel free to leave post or send me email.

    I will keep updating

    My twitter:


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