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  • Think of it as a sprite-like plugin that casts shadows from selected object types and/or solids... More to follow soon.

  • Looks like another good plugin

  • Thanks, repkino!

    I've now added animations... I've got some bug testing and code cleaning to do - with any luck this should be out next week some time (for c2 at first, I hope to get this working on c3 once the c2 version is stable).

  • Take into consideration the C3 runtime ^^

  • Take into consideration the C3 runtime ^^

    As soon as I've stamped out a memory leak (or, rather, confirmed that it's now actually fixed) and I've done some stress and bug testing then I'll give it a go in c3. Regarding the new runtime, it's all guesswork until the SDK is published... But yes, a c3 release is also in my TODO list.

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  • OK, I have a plugin design philosophical question for anyone interested:

    I propose to make the following group options for shadow-casting:

    1. Solids, Fall-through and Jump-through behavior objects.

    2. Flashlight Shadow behaviour, to come with this plugin.

    3. Object types that are added by events.

    You can select any option and those object groups will cast shadows. However, options 1 and 2 will be supplemented by 3 - any added objects will also cast shadows. Also, objects can be added to an ignore list (for ignore object type rather than object instance) so that if you have a family of solids then you can select some to be ignored, for example.

  • Will be great a demo with more light to see all better, i had to practically set all to max to see really what is happening XD.

    Looks good, wonder if this have the penumbra effect or shadow intensity/opacity with fade. I mean in the screenshot i posted in the yellow-orange light the near object with the most large shadow is constante, maybe some opacity and and when more far is the sahsdow less opacity? I don't know if i'm explaining well .

  • Looking forward to this on the C3 addon page

  • matriax - thanks - and yes, I am working on adding an optional penumbra effect (from light width). Hopefully I'll have some progress to report soon.

    Fawk - thanks and I hope so. I have not yet experimented with this in c3 but I have my fingers crossed that the runtime obfuscation isn't going to stop me...

  • This simple top-down-shooter demo will be included with the plugin:

  • Animations:

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