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  • Here's something I've been working on for the last few weeks - a behavior that changes a Sprite into a particle emitter.

    Why? Well, you can't do any of the following with the Particle plugin and to create this behavior using events would tediously complicated and would be almost impossible to move between projects.


    For Emitter:

    Set Continuous

    Set One-Shot Immediate

    Set One-Shot Tweened rate

    Warm up emitter (pre-create particles)

    Set spawn Z position (on top or at bottom of particles)

    For Particle:

    Set spawn angle, with random

    Set animation randomly chosen from csv list of animation names

    Set particle blend mode according to random animation that is chosen

    Set spawn width/height/opacity if different from emitter

    Set Gravity (for speed accel)

    Set Accel (for speed accel - added to gravity, create local effects)

    Set Speed to accelerate, like standard particle plugin

    Set Angular Velocity to accelerate

    Set detect solid collision (choose to Destroy or to Bounce)

    Set global bounce factor for speed (bounce on Solid)

    Set bounce factor per object (bounce on Solid)

    Set particle to become an emitter object

    Set following parameters to be tweened: angle, opacity, width, height, scale, rotational velocity, linear velocity, effect (params 0 to 2)


    Is a particle

    For Emitter:

    Trigger on burst tween end

    Trigger on burst tween reverse

    For Particle:

    Trigger on tween end for: angle, opacity, speed, width, height, scale, rotational velocity, effect (params 0 to 2)

    Work left to do:


    Preview debugger display values

    Works with minfy etc. NB - this creates Sprites and, therefore, provides similar performance in-game. All of the transformations can be given an immediate or delayed start time, so it's easy to make very complicated effects with just a few actions.

    Here's a demo:


  • This looks very useful !

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  • This looks very useful !


    I've created some instructions, which expand on the ACEs that are available and shows how to use them. Here is the link.

  • Very pleased with Box2D+ and your support, I already know I'll buy this one too.

  • Very pleased with Box2D+ and your support, I already know I'll buy this one too.

    Thank you!

  • Now available in the Store! Link to Store Thread.

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