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  • Can we please work on an easier plugin that allows us to embed youtube video's directly? I am using construct 2 for a website and it would be a huge help to be able to embed videos directly into it. I tried an html iframe plugin but its buggy and limited. This would be a huge asset to add if you could guys! Thanks!

  • As construct being a game development tool, there is not really a need for this i guess.

    Building a complete website isn´t a good idea btw, cause of of SEO.

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  • I can think of a bunch of reasons to have youtube embedded in a game. How about easy tutorials right there in the help menu? Want to buy a new weapon or upgrade? watch the trailer for how the weapons work or what the new expansion is all about. Need to see how to beat a level? Check out the hint video. What about a live Twitch embed? Click on the admins live twitch channel on the side of the game to watch them build the next section of the game. Embedding in html5 is a must. As for SEO i am still building it through a background website server so i can make tons of pages available for web crawlers. Besides its for a TV show so the people going here will not be from "exploring" the internet. They will be arriving to watch extra features/behind the scenes from already watching the show on tv/network. I am making it work as of now using iframes but again its sloppy. There needs to be a way to embed direct youtube videos. It should be an easy task too compared to some of the plugins/things they have already made.

  • i have done one of my website with construct 2, its not finished yet, but i got actully more than 5000 visitors just for this website done with construct2 http://redbaboon.be/

    Construct 2 is exellent also for making websites.

  • it would be a great feature, i could use it in many ways too.

  • imothep85

    I agree that C2 can do some funny effects etc. very easily, but just as visual parts of real websites.

    A complete page made in C2 can´t be indexed by search engines, which makes it completely useless for more than a portfolio site.

  • I found this, and I was thinking it was as easy as importing HTML5 code. Is this not the case?

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