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  • Hi

    I'm an pretty experienced developer, that usually makes Assets for Unity3D.

    But i've been thinking about making my current plugins for Construct2 if anyone would use it.

    Current asset is a combined Location and Weather info, that'll give you pretty much all the location and weather info you can imagine.

    And then i'm working on a Ultimate Wordpress Login (40% done), that'll give you the abillity to Login to the game with your WP user, and post data that can be loaded again later.

    My Unity3D Asset Store Publisher Page (Had to Bitly since the link was too long)


    Location/Weather Info DEMO


    Location/Weather Info costs $5

    But these could be split up, and cost $2.5 each.

    Ultimate Wordpress will cost between $5 and $10

    I would like to get some feedback on the idea of converting my assets to C2, and if the prices would be okay.



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