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  • Suggestion on holiday based events:

    Make the condition last for a whole month using just the month condition. This would allow you to do holiday events without ever updating your game again, and hide behind a calendar wall which the users who are smart can get around by modifying their own calendar which promotes the users to look for more eggs in your games.

    Update 1.4 Release notes

    -Changed icon to have time clock hands in it

    - Made time & date & holiday conditions return the value checked in them. So if you set a holiday based event in December it displays 12 for month.

    Update 1.3 Release notes

    - Fixed some acetable issue

    Update 1.2 released notes

    -"Dale" has been fixed, he won't be bothering you no more.

    These are the release notes added via 1.1

    Update changes to 1.1 9/13/2016:

    -Added various holiday dates and condition some multi-country ones

    - Add combobox breakdowns of dates for holiday condition

    - added birthdays month & day to plugin

    - added anniversary multi-use multi-purpose as a holiday

    - Added set actions for expressions for birthday & anniversary

    About plugin:

    Uses javascripts date object to use for date and time usages, such as if you wanted to have something happen every day at a specific time, or every hour, or just on a exact day or exact month or a exact year or any mix of the options above.

    As of right now it is very simple with single conditions for each option.

    Here is the document and download link of this plugin.

    Right now you have to use two conditions to make a holiday event>>>

    "Match day of month" & "Match month of year" then... action

    Another use you can use other than holidays is request user input for a birthday value of month and day ;

    Maybe have it create a party hat or something and put it on your players heads.

    There are expression values(object values) for Birthday and anniversary, you can use webstorage plugin to save these expressions and use the set action to re-inforce those dates and base events around peoples personal holidays.

    There are a few values as well to go along with it that can be useful too such as grabbing the date, time, day of week, month, year, and you can make in game clocks with this and alarm applications with this plugin too by using said values.

    Known exploits:

    Users can change their machines date to trigger holiday events, this can also be used for testing it.

  • What a wonderful plugin! I'm found it really useful for showing specific contents on special days!

    Thank you! undeadbobop

  • What a wonderful plugin! I'm found it really useful for showing specific contents on special days!

    Thank you! undeadbobop

    You're welcome but it is my first plugin and it only utilizes the date function in javascript. It was very little work, maybe a hour or two of mostly just reading documentation on construct 2 plugins, writing it, then testing the first version which was just checking dates .This latest had various holidays and I tried to impliment more but they are non-math based weird ones just for kicks but yeah those fell through,

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  • undeadbobop Hi again! I'm facing some problems using your current plugin. (My C2 version is: Release 233)

    Sorry I didn't find out at first. (I don't know why it worked the first time... maybe using your 'DBOP' condition in only 1 event for test )

    Now adding more days to set, they refuse to work when I give a test run. (By the way I'm using Chrome)

    Chrome gives a popup-error screen & the game stop showing.

    What's "dale is not defined?" Is that a typo?

    I checked my code. If 'today' is not the same as the date set, it's fine.

    Here's the screehshot. (in this example, 'today' is 18)

    I found out a few settings can also cause similar pop-up errors.

    1)The error can still happen even disabled the lines

    2) If I use 'Invert' in the conditions, it'll go error.

    (don't mind the typo)

    These are my findings so far.

    If you can fix it I'll be so grateful, thanks!

  • Will work on "dale" isn't exactly a typo, but I did named it something else... Dammit "Dale"... and that is why it went wrong is I missed one instance of changing it. Shows my lack of ctrl+h coding antics.....

    Anyways it is fixed and now re-uploaded.

  • Will this plug in work for something like if current day is past for example Valentines Day you get directed to layout 2 and if it's before or between a set of dates like January 1-Feb 13 it will go to layout 1?

  • You can use a combination of conditions to get your result, so yes. But it depends on the machines time date settings. It's just javascript date object.

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