[Closed] Let's make Google Play plugin login possible (+Cro)

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  • Closed

    You can use official Google Play plugin in phonegap now.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • It would be a lot better just to figure out how to get the existing Google Play Game Services to run the login flow from a web view. AFAIK that's the only blocker.

  • Ashley

    I think it will much better too if you are willing to do so for us.

    Following jquery let phonegap to login possible (Google play login works in jquery 2.1.0, I tested)

    See: https://github.com/krisrak/jquery-cordova-oauth2

    Sent you email with attached file (phonegap google play game login example)

    Edit: renamed this post's title from "[Plugin] Let's make Google Play Game plugin" to "[Plugin] Let's make Google Play plugin login possible"


  • cranberrygame

    I have just tried using the google play plugin, I do have a problem however.

    On my Android phone, my game loads up and asks me to login to google, I enter the username and password, it then displays the list of things to agree to.

    When I click on agree, A black message box is displayed which says

    Application Error

    The server refused the connection. (http://Some really long link)

    I wonder whether you have any ideas about what is going wrong here? (It has been built using Crosswalk)

  • MarkShires

    Google Play works.

    Let's this work completely.

    I need your help.

    You need install In App Browser plugin as follows.

    In App Browser plugin is required

    set "In App Browser" checked state, set version 0.2.4[/code:1zds8rsl]
  • cranberrygame

    Thanks for the tip, I have installed the In App Browser plugin. Which seems to have got me past the original issue. Now after logging in and agreeing to the permissions, I am presented with

    Web Page not available

    The web page at http://localhost/......... etc might be temporarily down or it may have moved to a new address

    Do you know why this is?

  • MarkShires

    Also do this:

    edit REDIRECT URIS to http://localhost

    google play developer console - Game service - Linked apps - [web app] - click API console link - REDIRECT URIS: http://localhost[/code:upjfx76j]
  • cranberrygame

    Do I have to put the whole address that is displayed or just http://localhost just the local host is not working it is still doing the same.

  • MarkShires

    edit REDIRECT URIS in google play developer console to http://localhost as follows

    edit REDIRECT URIS in google play developer console to http://localhost

    google play developer console - Game service - Linked apps - [web app] - click API console link - REDIRECT URIS: http://localhost[/code:1oo6rlsz]
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  • cranberrygame

    I'm still having no joy with getting it to work. I'm still getting the Wep page not available message after logging in.

  • MarkShires

    Can you tell me the error message?

  • cranberrygame

    I seem to have managed to get it to work now, (well it logs in anyway)

    the bit that I was missing was this;

    update jquery version from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 in the index.html

    I think every time you build from construct it gets overwritten??

    Thanks for you help

  • MarkShires

    I let Ashley to know about this.

    So he will make actions for it.


  • I think you have wrong id and git url in your intelxdk.config.additions.xml on your GitHub page (on the Cordova plugin registry too).

    You have:

    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="googleplay" intelxdk:value="https://github.com/cranberrygame/com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.googleplay" intelxdk:id="com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.googleplay">
    <intelxdk:param intelxdk:name="APP_ID" intelxdk:value="REPLACE_THIS_WITH_YOUR_APP_ID" />
    But I think it should be:
    [code:3etdo6sz]<intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="googleplay" intelxdk:value="https://github.com/cranberrygame/com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.game" intelxdk:id="com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.game">
    <intelxdk:param intelxdk:name="APP_ID" intelxdk:value="REPLACE_THIS_WITH_YOUR_APP_ID" />
    But even after corrected id ang GitHub url I get this error when building for crosswalk with Intel XDK:
    Error: Plugin failed to install: googleplay ([url=https://github.com/cranberrygame/com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.game.git]https://github.com/cranberrygame/com.cr ... n.game.git[/url])
  • sajmons

    Hi, sajmons

    This post is for making official Google Play plugin's login possible. (html5 version)

    But github you said is the cranberrygame's game plugin (sdk version)


    So if you want to bug report about sdk version

    Go to this:

    and reply

    p.s fixed github id

    and runtime error or build time error?

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