[c2project] List and load files in any web folder with php

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  • It's created as construct project with a simple ajax conditions to load available files in any web folder capable of running php script.

    What it's for?

    Automated loading data files in a web folder. For example: plugins for application, maps for games or items contained in a separate files.


    • preview prettyminimal.com/projects/fileLoader/01
    • c2project prettyminimal.com/projects/fileLoader/01/[c2project]fileLoader.capx
    • php script prettyminimal.com/projects/fileLoader/01/myfiles/list.txt - change the name to list.php

    What's required:

    • Running PHP server for generating file list
    • Web folder on the same server for publishing construct application (ajax does not allow cross domain requests)
    • Web folder with any files to be loaded into our application


    How it works:

    1. App sends request to list.php file

    2. list.php generates Json with file list from the same folder

    3. App receives Filenames in Json and loads them into dictionary object as file0 = "aaa.txt", file1 = "bbb.txt" and so on

  • Would this work with Node-Webkit projects ?

  • Would this work with Node-Webkit projects ?

    It works event better on Node-Webkit project, It allows application to load files both from localhost and remote servers (cross domain requests).

    [edit] I added downloadable project files in description for your projects

  • Antraxis

    Excellent, thanks

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  • 404'd links here? Is this abandoned/deprecated?

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