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  • Hi folks,

    Working on a Consumable IAP for Windows 10 apps.

    This is still in the creation phase, but I would like input on it. Here is the plugin, and capx: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlzjq5s3lt0abq2/Win10IAP_beta.rar?dl=0

    Please do not add it to your current projects unless you back them up...this plugin does no checks for the platform you are on so if you build it for Android, the plugin will still try to load if you do not do any sort of check.

    I am creating a document for it, which is not ready, but with the plugin you can:

    • Get unfulfilled consumables
    • Purchase consumables
    • Grant consumables (use them, add tokens for example)
    • Fulfill consumables (let windows store know purchase is done)

    A thing to note, the purchase, granting, and fulfill process is all done with the code and plugin. You should handle the usage within your application in a way the user is not interacting. For example, once the user Purchases the item, they should not have to click "Grant" and "Consume." Your app logic should handle this.

    You can test for unfulfilled items easily. Either with a Windows Store Proxy, or buy purchasing multiple items without fulfilling them. When you press the button to check for unfulfilled products, that is set to the active item. Meaning, if one is found, you can then fulfill the purchase. After, you should continue to check until no unfulfilled products are found.

    If you want to change the products offered, you must update the windows store proxy file. The app is setup for testing so everything is there. All you need to do is export with Construct, open the project in Visual Studio 2015, add the Windows Store Proxy (included in the rar file), then test the app.

    If you run into issues, please let me know.

    If you have suggestions, or questions, post them here.

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  • SamRock here it is!

  • Do you have any tutorial?

  • Do you have any tutorial?

    Not yet, but I am working on it.

    The included Capx should be pretty straight forward to follow. If you have any questions, let me know.

  • +1 and I need none-consumable IAP for windows 10

  • +1 and I need none-consumable IAP for windows 10

    I missed your reply.

    Did you find a plugin that works for you?

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