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  • Hi, i have few plugin dev requests that i think would be useful.

    1) In the Plugin settings we can add a single "help url" which in the Properties shows as "More information : Help", it would be great if we could customize that text however and maybe have more than one website link.

    So you could for example have something like:

    "help url":     "" | "Plugin Info: Visit",

    "help url":     "" | "Plugin Manual : View Manual",

    2) It would be useful to be able to set a refresh() in the edittime.js to redraw all of the property list controls. I was thinking this would be available already but it seems to be missing in the reference.

    3) It seems when you add or remove Properties you need to close the editor, so I was thinking it would be great if there was a way to right click the plugin in the Objects tab etc and select re-load then it would re-load and update the plugin with the new controls/contents.

    Hope everyone likes these suggestions :D

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  • 4) I have also been wondering, rather than on the runtime.js side can you instead get the users currently selected ept_combo item in the edittime.js?

    I tried using["MyCombo"][0] but that does not seem to work. So if this is not currently possible i would like to request this as a option also, thanks again.

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