Undefined objects, trigger and self vs. this

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  • I am working on a plugin that should handle communication to and from a server. My code works in a regular html file but I am having problems getting it to work in a plugin. The errors I get are all related to some kind of ‘undefined’ objects. I have changed self to this and vice versa and moved things around but it will not work. I hope that some of you experienced plugin-developers or javascript developers can see the problem:

    	instanceProto.onCreate = function()
    	    this.groupNo = "";
    	    // Declare a proxy to reference the hub.
    	    this.connection = $.hubConnection('http://myserver.com/');
    	    this.myHubProxy = this.connection.createHubProxy('myGameHub');
    	    this.myHubProxy.on('PrivateGameCreated', function (groupNoString) {
    	        self.groupNo = groupNoString;
    	        this.runtime.trigger(cr.plugins_.MyGame.prototype.cnds.PrivateGameCreated, self);	        
    	Cnds.prototype.PrivateGameCreated = function () 
    	    return groupNo;
    	Acts.prototype.StartPrivateGame = function ()
    	    this.connection.start().done(function ()
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  • Maybe add

    var self = this;[/code:2wrt9k4j]
    before use "self" object.
  • I have tried to add “var self = this” in top of onCreate. The result is “cannot read property ‘invoke’ of undefined" (the same result as without "var self = this"). I get the error in this line:

  • Google for some articles about JS "closures" and referencing vars outside of a "callback"

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