[solved] Trying to diagnose plugin minify error

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  • I am making a behavior plugin. All works well when the export is un-minified. If I minify the export then I receive the following error:

    TypeError: q is not a constructor[/code:37gsw7j8]
    The "q" corresponds to "behavior_ctor" in the c2runtime.js when un-minified:
    [code:37gsw7j8]Line 4420ish
    if (!behavior_plugin)
    					behavior_plugin = new behavior_ctor(this);
    					behavior_plugin.my_types = [];						// types using this behavior
    					behavior_plugin.my_instances = new cr.ObjectSet(); 	// instances of this behavior
    					if (behavior_plugin.onCreate)
    I hope that this is enough info.  If anyone has any idea where I should focus my efforts then that would be very much appreciated.  I imagine that I am missing something obvious here...  I am about to embark on a long process of rebuilding my plugin from scratch to see what causes the export to break.  But I need to sleep!   
    Solved.  Apparently you cannot preserve the name of your plugin like this: ["myplugin"].
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