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  • I am trying to create a Plugin [A] that lets you select an Instance of another Plugin .

    I want to load all the instances of Plugin into an ept_combo property of Plugin [A].

    This ept_combo list would have to change dynamically inside the Edit Time when new Instances of are created.

    I have taken a look at this example

    But it does not seem to work inside the Edit Time when I modified it for testing:

    var plugins = this.runtime.types; 
    var name, inst;
    var PLUGIN_LENGTH = 0;
    for (name in plugins)
        inst = plugins[name].instances[0]; 
        PLUGIN_LENGTH ++;
    ^^^ Just Gives me Errors
    To get a better understanding of the [u]ept_combo[/u] I wrote this:
    var randomLength = Math.floor(Math.random() * (10 - 1) + 1);
    var combo_array = "";
    var combo_array_backup;
    for(var i = 0; i < randomLength; i++ ) {
    	combo_array_backup = combo_array + i + " |"
    	combo_array = combo_array_backup;
    combo_array = combo_array.substring(0, combo_array.length - 1);
    var property_list = [
    	new cr.Property(ept_combo,      "Canvas",       "0",    "Select the Canvas", combo_array)
    Instead of a random number I need to have the amount of instances of [b][B][/b] inside the [u]ept_combo[/u]. And when new Instances of [b][B][/b] are added then all instances of [b][A][/b] need to update their [u]ept_combo[/u] property accordingly.
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