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  • Hello there,

    Just registered and with Scirra after trying out the software to make a basic HTML5 and js game.

    Would like to know if anyone has made any games compatible for mobile platforms and if it would work ok with the jquery mobile infrastructure? i.e are there any .js clashes to unpick later down the line, etc.

    thanks A

  • lxm7 : worked with iOS, iPhones and iPads for a client, with C2.

    For optimal performances : don't use physics and no viewport/texture, anything graphical over 1024x1024 (the viewport is flattened as an OpenGL texture by the system, so you don't wan to force the GPU to create another texture).

    If you create an app with PhoneGap, or asking the user to create a bookmark on the Homescreen, remember that the Nitro Javascript engine isn't activated for those use cases, so it's going to be slower.

    On mobile : only one sound at a time and preload lag for that sound, so you perhaps need to use an audiosprite.

    That's what I'm thinking for the moment...

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  • jQuery Mobile says it's built on top of the standard jQuery and requires you include jQuery first to use it - since C2 games already include jQuery it should be fine, just include jQuery Mobile on top of that.

  • Hi Pode,

    When you say "don't use physics," is there a way of totally deactivating them or do you just not use any?


  • slw666:

    You just don't add the physics behaviour to any objects.

  • Thanks Nimtrix

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