How to use a runtime trigger?

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  • My goal is to trigger an event from javascript into construct 2.

    I think I should use a runtime trigger.

    My code:

    in edittime.js:

    AddCondition(0, cf_trigger, "addisplayed", "My category", "ad_displayed", "Description for my condition!", "addisplayed");[/code:2k0zagp5]
    in runtime.js:
    [code:2k0zagp5]Cnds.prototype.addisplayed = function (state)
    	    return true;
    Case 1:
    if I put this code 
    [code:2k0zagp5]var self=this;
    under instanceProto.onCreate = function()
    	 it works
    Case 2 : if I put the same code under an action, it doesn't work: Acts.prototype.MyAction = function (myparam)
    I tried to make :
     [code:2k0zagp5]instanceProto.addisplayed= function()
    	var self=this;
    and call from action: this.addisplayed(); but doens't work.
    So how do I trigger the event from actions?
    It seams that  calling this.addisplayed(); from actions works but :
    if I wrap it inside a function it doesn't
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