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  • Hi all,

    r164 has broken the Leap Motion plugin I've been working on. This is from the release notes:


    Third party plugin developers note: this could possibly break some plugins if you implement expressions which return different values every time they are called. For example we have specially taken in to account the system random() and choose() expressions since they still return different values every time and the same result can't be re-used for other instances. If you notice any problems please get in touch and we'll figure something out.

    This is the example expression declaration:

    AddExpression(0, ef_deprecated, "Hand X position", "Hand", 	"HandX", 	"Get the primary hand X position.");
    Construct 2 crashes on load as is. What's the best way to fix this?
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  • I'm glad to see others using the Leap Motion, I've been thinking about seeing what I can do with the one I have. Sorry it's broke now.

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